Hello Recruiters,

I really value your time as well as my own, here are some things I would need to know before discussing moving roles. This might seem strange, or like a lot of work on your part, but it shows me that the role is real and that you really think that I am a suitable candidate.

  • What is the company name? – Weird that it has to be on this list, but it does.
  • What is the role? – A job title isn’t enough, I need to know what is expected. A job title at one company means something completely different somewhere else.
  • What is the salary? – Excluding bonuses, what is the minimum I will receive?
  • Tell me about the team I’ll be working with – The people around me are a big deal to me.
  • What will I be working on? – Why is this work important to the company?
  • How does this company incentivise its staff?
  • Is the team autonomous? – How does it achieve this?
  • Describe the team’s Agile process.
  • Describe the steps to bring a new service into production.