Software engineer and team lead working in Leeds, UK working for Sky Betting & Gaming.


My career started at William Hill, where I worked for 7 years. I was lucky enough to learn from a mix of different great programmers during my time there. I consistently moved from role to role, from change control to dev ops, to development to architecture.

From William Hill, I moved to Rockshore (now CACI), where I really started to enjoy team leadership after falling into the role. Joining as a senior software engineer to was promoted to a Team Lead, then Sector Lead and then to Head of Software Delivery. While this role felt like a big fish, small pond situation it was great for understanding wider business issues, whereas previously my knowledge was quite development focused.


I was recently asked what motivates me (interesting stuff for team leads to think about)

  1. Mastery: My work challenges my competence but it is still within my abilities.
  2. Acceptance: The people around me approve of what I do and who I am.
  3. Power: There’s enough room for me to influence what happens around me.
  4. Status: My position is good, and recognised by the people who work with me.
  5. Curiosity: I have plenty of things to investigate and to think about.
  6. Honor: I feel proud that my personal values are reflected in how I work.
  7. Freedom: I am independent of others with my work and my responsibilities.
  8. Relatedness: I have good social contacts with the people in my work.
  9. Order: There are enough rules and policies for a stable environment.
  10. Goal: My purpose in life is reflected in the work that I do.

I took this list from CHAMPFROGS.

One thing I felt was missing from this list was anything about the team you’re working as part of, this is really important for me.


I used to have my salary information here until I was told it might be misconduct. I would like to work for a company which is more open about salary information.